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Nose Rollers & Ground Rollers

Nose Rollersnose-roller


  • Solid machined steel roller – 4-5x stronger than cast!
  • Solid machined carbon steel axle with zerk fitting.
  • Axles included with all nose rollers.

IP PNSizeAxle SizeCrate Qty*Purchase
IP NR4X4 (QTY: 1-49)4" x 4"1-1/2" Dia x 6-1/2" L100

IP NR4X4 (QTY: 50+)4" x 4"1-1/2" Dia x 6-1/2" L100

IP NR4X4.5 (QTY: 1-49)4" x 4.5"1-1/2" Dia x 7" L100

IP NR4X4.5 (QTY: 50+)4" x 4.5"1-1/2" Dia x 7" L100

IP NR4X5 (QTY: 1-49)4" x 5"1-1/2" Dia x 7-1/2" L100
IP NR4X5 (QTY: 50+)4" x 5"1-1/2" Dia x 7-1/2" L100
IP NR4X6 (QTY: 1-49)4" x 6"1-1/2" Dia x 8-1/4" L100

IP NR4X6 (QTY: 50+)4" x 6"1-1/2" Dia x 8-1/4" L100

*No minimum quantity order requirements

Ground Rollers

ground-roller-a ground-roller-b ground-roller-c







  • Axle is made of carbon steel with zerked axle.
  • Rated at 40,000 lb weight capacity.
  • Built-in bracket version available for easy installation.
  • Specifications:
    – .25″ Seamless steel outer and inner tube.
    – 1.4375″ Carbon steel axle diameter.
    – .44″ Bracket thickness.
IP PNPictureDiaWidth without Axle TubeWidth with Axle TubeAxle/BracketCrate Qty*Purchase
IP GR8X6AX (QTY: 1-49)A8"5.5"6"Axle only100

IP GR8X6AX (QTY: 50+)A8"5.5"6"Axle only100

IP GR8X6BR (QTY: 1-49)B8"5.5"6"Axle and Bracket50

IP GR8X6BR (QTY: 50+)B8"5.5"6"Axle and Bracket50

IP GR8X8AX (QTY: 1-49)A8"7.5"8"Axle only50

IP GR8X8AX (QTY: 50+)A8"7.5"8"Axle only50

IP GR8X8BR (QTY: 1-39)B8"7.5"8"Axle and Bracket40

IP GR8X8BR (QTY: 40+)B8"7.5"8"Axle and Bracket40

IP GR8X10AX (QTY: 1-49)A8"9.5"10"Axle only50

IP GR8X10AX (QTY: 50+)A8"9.5"10"Axle only50

IP GR8X10BR (QTY: 1-49)B8"9.5"10"Axle and Bracket40

IP GR8X10BR (QTY: 50+)B8"9.5"10"Axle and Bracket40

IP GR8X12AXA8"11.5"12"Axle and Bracket40
IP GR8X10AXPOLYC8"10"10.5"Axle onlyN/A
IP GR8X10BRPOLYna8"10"10.5"Axle and BracketN/A

*No minimum quantity order requirements

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