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Ratchet Load Binders

Work load limits from 6,600 to 13,000 pounds Continuous take-up feature assures finite adjustment. Superior quality. Superior alloy forgings. 7/8″ & 1″ dia Acme Thread. Product trace codes. Certified to meet or exceed all military specifications, DOT regulation, CVSA Cargo Securement Guidelines. FEATURING: Uni-Steel,high carbon handle; heavy swedged barrel is cold-drawn tubing instead of welded pipe. Alloy forged heat treated […]

My Secret Not So Little Pleasure

My not so “secret” pleasure’ll never know what you will see! by Gary Cardoza It started for me back in September of 2005 when I joined this little secret society called the Waste Industry. I found myself mesmerized by the myriad of commercial containers out in public. I never noticed them before, and […]

Once Bitten…Twice Shy

by Michele Todd I was bitten by a dog the other day! I was out for my usual morning run on the peaceful back roads by my house in the middle of farm country, aka nowhere, and out came not one or two, but FIVE dogs to “greet” me. My mind didn’t even have […]

3 Reasons Why I’m Excited About Our New Website

After countless months of working on this labor of love, we are thrilled to formally launch our new website! Here are 3 things I’m proud of:  1) Our new website was designed with a uncluttered, clean look, which means it’s a whole lot easier to find stuff. 2) We added a blog and forum to […]