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Container Repair Tracking Appcontainer-repair-tracking-app

Now you can track your valuable assets, identify repair and parts issues, trace how long containers have been in the field and much more.

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Dual Breakaway

No more downtime or clean up needed! If a driver pulls a compactor and accidentally forgets to disconnect the hoses from the power unit, the load will not spill.

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Reduce service calls by as much as 40%!
Versa-Pak solves your compactor control headaches!
  • Versa-Pak is simple, dependable and easy to understand.
  • It reduces service calls, and cuts down on parts costs.
  • Eliminates the need for relays, timers and printed circuit boards.

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SPILL KILL — Absorbent & Organic Spill Clean Up

Quickly absorbs hazardous spills in your shop, yard, or on your route!

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Compactor Parts — All of your parts are now “compacted” into one supplier!

Our parts set the standard for quality and reliability in the field. Choose from a diverse offering of compactor products,
which withstand this tough environment. Get your catalog today.

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Heavy Duty Saw Horses

Sawhorse 1-filtered

Built to last in tough shop environments, these saw horses hold 2,000 lbs each! Perfect for pre-fabricated bottoms replacement.

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Roll Off Spill Guard

Keeps wastewater from leaking on the road, saving you unwanted government fines.

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Forklift Adapter

The moving of front load cans with a fork truck just got easier, faster and safer! Transport dumpsters safely, enhance safety for everyone in the workplace and it has a load capacity: 1,200 lbs (which is the weight of an average, 10 yard dumpster).

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