Providing Innovative Solutions To The Waste Industry

Scott Lemajeur


Started my sales career when I was 13 yrs old selling cleaning products door to door, became accustomed to having doors slammed in my face, which turns out to be quite an asset in this industry. Seriously, I find the waste industry to be full of hardworking real people which is why I think we fit in.

Immediately after school I started as a design engineer developing auto parts. I shortly realized that I’m not cut out to engineer parts all day long. It has always been a life long dream to sell garbage lids for a living? I’ve been in the waste industry since 1993 and decided to give it a go on my own in 1999. It doesn’t matter if you sell garbage lids or medical equipment… quality and integrity count with any product manufactured and sold! I believe a handshake is better than a 100 page contract, you cannot unshake somebody’s hand.

We love to hear any feedback on our company and performance!

Our company’s mission is simple. We make it right for the customer

I am married with two kids, they found out how good of a sled, lids can be. I still play many sports, I’m just older, fatter and slower

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