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Gary Cardoza

VP-Sales Marketing
877-454-3748 ext.101

I have been working at Impact for over 10 years…A most interesting  ride it’s been!  I have been blessed to make many friends in the industry, deep solid bonds that will last a lifetime!

I moved to Chicagoland from California 25 years ago.  In my old ‘hood East San Jose, there must have been something in the water! I run into “Garbage Nation” guys all the time who are originally from there! Shout out to you!

I had an interesting upbringing and was taught the value of work by a strict, truck driver dad and a loving mom.  “You want money…work!” And so I began my life of sales, and it continues! Now I am blessed with a great family, that I work to share these same values with.

For fun I read, listen to all kinds of music, and loyally follow the SF Giants, Oakland Raiders, and Buffalo Bills, win or lose! I also continue my nationwide quest for top Mexican Restaurants. If you have a favorite one let me know!

My position at Impact has let me see much of the world and travel all over our great country. Thank you to all of you out there for your business, support, and fresh ideas on how to make products better! As much as I travel, I consider you to be my extended family, and I look forward to our next visit!