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My Secret Not So Little Pleasure

My not so “secret” pleasure’ll never know what you will see!

by Gary Cardoza


It started for me back in September of 2005 when I joined this little secret society called the Waste Industry. I found myself mesmerized by the myriad of commercial containers out in public. I never noticed them before, and now they were everywhere, and I wanted to see them all. Whether it was the hauler name I had never seen before, a broken lid or caster (never ours of course). Suddenly there were containers from companies gone long ago, fork pockets I have never seen, containers that had seen the ravages of the world’s worst front load driver…graffiti and smells that were pungent yet now familiar. And all the lid companies from long ago.

Occasionally behind a hotel or strip mall a owner or manager would come running out demanding to know what I was doing, taking pictures of their containers. Was I from the health department?, “I was trespassing” etc. As soon as I told them I was checking out their dumpsters and lids, I would get an education about food waste, odors, how hard it is for one person to lift a lid and dump trash, corral door imperfections, etc. Learned a lot this way

Even better than this are the times I see a driver getting ready to tip a load, say hello, tell him what I do and get an earful about the joys of containers.

I didn’t take me long after going to shops and yards and everyone from CEO’s to apprentice welders…that we all do this. There is a legion of us out there who check out front load, rear load and roll off containers, and have a million ideas how to make them better. Sometimes our significant others find us weird, others join in the fray…I occasionally spot a fellow “bin nerd” peering at a can at a sporting event or public place, too bad we don’t have a secret hand shake!

When I travel and talk about these finds with others, it’s fun to compare notes and realize that there have been hundreds of companies that have come and gone making dumpsters and others that survive. So when I hang a right down a back alley in Guadalajara Mexico, stop by a dock in Brunswick, Maine, or peer over a no trespassing fence at White Sands, New Mexico, there they are, in all their glory. Got a great garbage story to share…email me at and we might just “blog it”