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Enviro-Guard Pivoting Roll Off Lid System

How The Enviro-Guard Pivoting Roll Off Lid System Works

Why You Need Roll Off Lids!
  • Make Your Roll Offs EPA Compliant — Roll off containers must have lids to eliminate storm water runoff. Non-compliance = fines from $2k to $50k per day!
  • Eliminate Water Weight in your Roll Off — Don’t pay to dump storm water!
  • Extend the Life of your Roll Off Floor — Watertight lids prevent storm water from getting into the container. No storm water means less rust water and leachate in the roll off.
  • Protect Against Theft & Dumping — Covering and locking your roll off will prevent theft, and you can reduce illegal dumping, which means less liability for your and less $$ at the landfill.
Why you Need OUR Roll Off Lids!

ROC Framing System IPmed

  • Adjustable to Fit Standard Size Roll Offs
  • Withstand Hot & Cold Weather
  • Easy to Install & All Hardware is Included
  • Transportable — Lid is only 13″ Tall


Part Number DescriptionPurchase
IP Part #IP ROL SYSTEM Pivoting Roll Off Lid System
(includes 4-piece Roll Off Lid and Frame System)


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Enviro-Guard Pivoting Roll Off Lid System Installation Instructions

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WARNING:  Roll Off Lid Safety Information

BEFORE transporting your covered Roll Off Container, be sure to follow these three steps:

  1. Secure BOTH safety latches with Master Locks to be assured that the Roll Off Lid stays closed. (Master Locks are available sold separately.)
  2. Latch safety chain to D-Ring for additional security.
  3. Strap down Roll Off Lid to Roll Off Container with THREE ratchet sets, which are supplied FREE with every Roll Off System order (along with SIX additional D-Rings – 8 total D-Rings.) Two ratchet sets are put on the length of the lid and one across lid “A”.
  4. If you didn’t receive your ratchets and D-Rings, please let us know, and we will send them right away.