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Enviro-Guard Removable Roll Off Lid System

How The Enviro-Guard Removable Roll Off Lid System Works

Why You Need Roll Off Lids!
  • Make Your Roll Offs EPA Compliant — Roll off containers must have lids to eliminate storm water runoff. Non-compliance = fines from $2k to $50k per day!
  • Eliminate Water Weight in your Roll Off — Don’t pay to dump storm water!
  • Extend the Life of your Roll Off Floor — Watertight lids prevent storm water from getting into the container. No storm water means less rust water and leachate in the roll off.
  • Protect Against Theft & Dumping — Covering and locking your roll off will prevent theft, and you can reduce illegal dumping, which means less liability for your and less $$ at the landfill.
Why you Need OUR Roll Off Lids!

  • 22′ Length
  • Built with fork pockets, so lids can be placed on multiple roll offs
  • Withstand Hot & Cold Weather
  • Easy to Install & All Hardware is Included


Part Number DescriptionPurchase
IP Part #IP ROL REMOVABLE SYSTEMRemovable Roll Off Lid System
(includes 4-piece Roll Off Lid and Frame System)


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Enviro-Guard Removable Roll Off Lid System Installation Instructions

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