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Spill Kill

Quickly absorbs hazardous spills in your shop, yard or on your route and saves you $$$!

• Cuts clean up time in half (50%) and saves you 19% Per Spill.
• 100% organic. Made from coconut husks. NO cancer-causing carcinogens!
• Spill Tackle cleans up quickly and there is less to throw away. Plus it’s reusable!
• Use only ONE 10 lb bag of Spill Tackle vs. five 25 lb bags of clay absorbent.
• Absorbs hydraulic fluid, fuel, oil, coolant, transmission fluid, paint solvents and more. And it’s non-abrasive – won’t damage equipment, tile or sealed floors.
• Cuts disposal costs by 75%!
• Leaves no oily residue.


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