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Miscellaneous Parts and Accessories


Compactor Receiver Covercrc applicationnla

Keeps your load off the road!! Provides a perfect seal and prevents litter and debris from leaving receiver container.

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Forklift Adapter

Use the Forklift Adapter to pick up front load cans with a fork truck quickly, easily and safely. Dimensions:  7-1/2″W x 3-1/2″T

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Impact Plastics’ Canopy “Goes Green”

Our canopies fit trucks models from 2007 and older. They fight rust, create higher fuel efficiency and are 25% lighter than industry standard canopies. Made from a combination of steel and recycled plastic, our canopies offer a greener, more economical solution to your canopy needs.

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Sturdy, light and dependable shovel for quick clean up around containers. They are virtually unbreakable and will not rust or corrode.

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Heavy Duty Saw HorsesSawhorse 1-filtered

Built to last in tough shop environments, these saw horses hold 2,000 lbs each! Perfect for pre-fabricated bottoms replacement.

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Container Locks

With an Automatic SERIO-US LOCK, your driver never leaves the truck. Just pull up, dump and go! Save time. Save money. Increase productivity. Enhance safety.

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