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Drain Plugs

Our Sponge Drain Plugs are a great alternative to standard metal and plastic!
Sponge Plug features:
  • Made from black expanded closed cell nitrile rubber.
  • High quality, cost-effective option to standard metal and plastic drain plugs.
  • Easy to install and remove and “critter proof!”
  • Eliminates stripping the threads on your drain flange and the need for tools to remove drain plugs.
  • Small dimensions: 1″ O.D. x 1″ thick.
  • Standard dimensions: 2″ O.D. x 1″ thick.
  • Oversized dimensions: 2½” O.D. x 1″ thick.
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +105°C.
  • Soft, low density material creates tight seal.
  • NO CFC’s.
Plastic Plug features:
  • Won’t rust.
Steel Plug features:
  • Won’t break.
Part NumberDescriptionPurchase
IP SpongePlug 11" Small Sponge

IP SpongePlug 22" Standard Sponge

IP SpongePlug 2.52½" Oversized Sponge

IP DrainPlug .5½" Plastic

IP DrainPlug .75¾" Plastic

IP DrainPlug 11" Plastic

IP DrainPlug 1.251¼" Plastic

IP DrainPlug 1.51½" Plastic

IP DrainPlug 22" Plastic

IP DrainPlug Steel .75¾" Steel

IP DrainPlug Steel 11" Steel

IP DrainPlug Steel 1.251¼" Steel

IP DrainPlug Steel 1.51½" Steel

IP DrainPlug Steel 22" Steel

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