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Storm Water Resistant Rear Load Lid

Rear load, storm water resistant lids reduce water weight in your can.

  • One lid system keeps rain out of your can: Typical two-lid system allows significant storm water leakage.
  • Strong and durable hinge line: Eight knuckles for hinge line durability.
  • No seams to break: Vacuum formed HDPE plastic process eliminates the seams found in all other manufacturing processes, and reduces splitting on the hinge line and perimeter of lid.
  • UVI protects from harsh weather: Long-life, Ultra-Violet Inhibitor Package (UVI) is blended into the plastic to protect the lid from the sun (from becoming brittle or turning white).
  • Easy to thread: Robotically drilled hinge holes and lid rod guides make lid rod threading easy every time!
  • Several sizes available: Six sizes of storm water lids to meet your needs. Replaces two 31” rear load lids.
  • Contains Post Consumer Regrind (PCR): Up to 10% recycled plastic ensures a “Green Product” in your customers’ disposal area, plus lids are 100% recyclable.
  • Made in USA.

Quantity Options: 90 lids per skid. Skids may be broken down to fit your requirements at no additional cost – NO MINIMUM QUANTITIES!

Part NumberSizePurchase
6231P62½" x 31"

6237P62½" x 37"

6238P62½" x 38"

6239P62½" x 39"

6241P62½" x 41"

6244P62½" x 44"

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