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Front Load Bear Resistant Lid

Economical alternative to steel lids and enclosures. Lid can be used on your current 3 – 8 yard containers with no modifications!
  • Keep them away: Designed to deter bears from accessing trash containers.
  • Reinforced Steel frame: Same features as our Double Impact Lid with an additional reinforced steel frame around the perimeter and center point of the lid.
  • Easy to open: Tubing framework at front of lid is used as a convenient method to open the lid.
  • 3″ Reinforced hinge line doubles the hinge line thickness which eliminates tearing and splitting of hinge holes.
  • Lids stay on your dumpster: Thicker, six-knuckle system keeps lid on the container, not in the container.
  • No seams to break: Vacuum formed HDPE plastic process eliminates the seams found in all other manufacturing processes, and reduces splitting on the hinge line and perimeter of lid.
  • UVI protects from harsh weather: Long-life, Ultra-Violet Inhibitor Package (UVI) is blended into the plastic to protect the lid from the sun (from becoming brittle or turning white).
  • Easy to thread: Robotically drilled hinge holes and lid rod guides make lid rod threading easy every time!
  • Contains Post Consumer Regrind (PCR): Up to 10% recycled plastic ensures a “Green Product” in your customers’ disposal area, plus lids are 100% recyclable.
  • Installs in minutes.


  • 1″ x 1″, 11 gauge structural tubing framework.
  • 6-5/16″ zinc plated bolts with Nylock nuts.
  • Acrylic enamel paint used on framework.
Part NumberSizeContainer SizePurchase
3658BP36" x 58" Front Load Bear Proof6, 8 yd

3648BP36" x 48" Front Load Bear Proof3, 4 yd

3641BP36" x 41" Front Load Bear Proof2 yd

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