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Motor Drive Panel

Take a standard single phase power unit and convert it to a universal, 3-phase power unit in just a few hours.Motor Drive Panel V-P V5 CE 2


  • OEM-quality solution to convert a single phase power unit into a 3-phase power unit.
  • Universal – Versa-Pak control system loaded with features and options including Auto-Count.
  • More dependable than 10HP / 1Ph motors.
  • Cost effective- Up front cost is comparable to 1-phase motor solution. Lifetime cost is far less.
  • Easy installation – about 2-3 hrs.
  • Includes:
    –24″ X 24″ X 12″ panel enclosure
    –Motor drive
    –Versa-Pak V5 CE
    –Amp switch
    –Manual and tech support
  • Also available:
    –Other Versa-Pak versions
    –Push button holes (push buttons sold separately, P# IP CO-PUSH BUTTON HOLES)
    –Mounting kit
    –Replacement motor drives for OEM panels

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