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Dual Breakaway

No More Costly Clean-up!

The Dual Breakaway Series: dual breakaway pics
  • Reduces repairs to power units
  • Reduces spillage of hydraulic fluid and costly cleanup
  • Reduces driver downtime
  • Reduces customer aggravation
  • Great for high profile locations – airports, ports, business parks, medical facilities

These Flat Face Couplings are the “Green Standard” for the most demanding hydraulic compactor applications. Built to perform where a dripless connection is required, and a breakaway capability is needed. We have combined technologies to address challenges related to the compactor markets.
Engineering features include: Dual axis breakaway system, dripless connectors for no environmental impact, and connect under residual pressure capability when used with APM Series nipples.
The Dual Breakaway Series increases productivity, lowers operating costs, and reduces downtime by helping to overcome operator errors and the environmental impact of hydraulic connectors.







IP PNIncludesPurchase
IP CO-DUAL BREAKAWAY KITDual Swivel Breakaway with Female 1/2" 3/8"
Coupler M.APM 13 1/2" NPT
Coupler M.APM 9 1/2" NPT

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