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What makes lids from Impact Plastics different?

VACUUM-FORMED LIDS –> Blow-Molding / Rotational Molding Lids Leave a Seam
After extensive research, we found that vacuum-formed lids (used for truck bed liners) last longer than blow-molded or rotational-molded lids. There is no seam to crack or break!

OUR HINGELINE –> 6 Knuckles Sit Straight and ON Your Dumpster
Other lids that have 3-4 knuckles fall into the can once one knuckle breaks. We also have an additional strength at the hingeline and no seam.

NO BEND IN THE CENTER –> Stress is Distributed Through a Series of Cross Ribs
When lids are designed with a bend inducer, they bend and crack like a credit cards.

LONGEVITY –> 7 Year Ultra-Violet Inhibitor (UVI) Package in Each Lid
Over time, exposure to the sun and snow will cause plastic to fade and crack. We blend a 7 year UVI package in the plastic which allows the lid to withstand the harsh sunlight and the bitter cold temperatures.

WARRANTY –> Our Lids Outlast Other Lids 5-7x!
We are so confident that our lids are the best and long-lasting lids in the industry that we back them up with a 7-Year Warranty. You will be purchasing and replacing fewer lids.


What material is used to make the lids?

We use an exclusive blend of high molecular premier polymers.


How many knuckles does your hingeline have?

The hingeline is the most vulnerable part of the lid. Our front load lids have 6 closed reinforced knuckles.


What protects the lid from inclement weather and the forces of nature?

All lids have UV inhibitors blended into the plastic. This added UV inhibitor extends lid life protection to 5+ years.


What is the difference between a typical single wall lid and Impact’s lids?

Impact Plastics lids are thermo/vacuum formed from a single sheet of plastic. This manufacturing process produces a lid without seams. Whereas, other processes such as rotational or blow molding produces a lid with seams and are trimmed from double wall lids.


How many lids are there to a skid?

Impact Plastics lids are packaged 90 to a skid. The 30×24, 30×30 Sliding Side Door and 31×45 Universal lids are packaged 100 to a skid. We are happy, however, to ship partial skids per your request at no additional charge.


Do your lids come in different colors?

Yes we offer white, blue, yellow and green lids in our most popular sizes. We can also produce custom colors lids too. Please contact us at for a quote.


What other products do you carry?

We provide the Waste Industry with a full line of Dumpster lids and parts, casters & wheels, pre-fabricated container bottoms, roll off covers & parts, compactor receiver covers & parts and much more. And feel free to call us with your industry headaches. We are your problem solvers. Impact Plastics is always innovating and creating new products to make your job easier.

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