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Once Bitten…Twice Shy

by Michele Todd

I was bitten by a dog the other day! I was out for my usual morning run on the peaceful back roads by my house in the middle of farm country, aka nowhere, and out came not one or two, but FIVE dogs to “greet” me. My mind didn’t even have a chance to consider an escape route, before the dogs had me surrounded and chose one medium-sized, black mutt to go in for the kill! I screamed out several cuss words, before they decided I wasn’t fun to mess with anymore and tore off back to their farm, leaving me to limp 4 miles home — which is a LONG time to think. First though, being raised on a farm myself, I understand that no one leashes their dogs in these parts, but it really got to thinking about our garbage haulers and all they go through each and every day! How do they handle those dangerous, unruly dogs, not mention the dead animal carcasses they undoubtedly come across too (not sure which would be worse?) And speaking of danger, what about all of the garbage we throw away every day – broken glass, rotting food, toxic household chemicals, diapers, wood with nails sticking out, animal poop, etc? The list goes on and on of rancid muck and gunk that we toss out, all of which can be harmful to a waste hauler, yet that is what is picked up each and every day, so we don’t have to even think about it once we get it out to the curb or dumpster. Trash collection really is an unappreciated job, so I wanted to take time today to bring some awareness to thankless job and to say thank you! AND if any of you trash haulers are reading this and have any tips on how to handle those nasty dogs when I’m running this weekend, please let me know!

PS This picture is actually from a cheesy dog movie called The Breed, but I am digging that dramatic effect. Okay so it wasn’t nearly that bad, but you get the idea!

dogs chasing guy