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Here is what our customers say about Impact Plastics Corporation, our high quality, durable products and outstanding customer service:


WV Fabricating and Welding Inc. have been utilizing the Impact Plastics products for around three years with great success and terrific results. We are a container repair and parts company. We have tried the other major lid companies’ product with mixed results. They just don’t stand up to conditions or wear like the Impact lids. We have seen containers come back with Impact lids and we can reuse them again. Some of these lids had been in circulation since first using Impact and they were like new. The competitor’s lids did not fare the same. They had bad hinge points, poor construction, in short not able to stand up to the abuse of everyday wear and tear that comes with the territory. We believe in this product and we endorse it 100%!  Thanks Impact!”

Steven P. Woods
WV Fabricating and Welding Inc.

Impact Plastics is a company that cares about their customers. They don’t try to sell you something you don’t need. The customer service reps are always nice. They treat you like they’ve known you for a long time. The products that they sell are top of the line.  They listen to me about any concerns and product ideas that I have. I look forward to a long business relationship with them.”

Wayne Crockett
Casella Waste Systems

I tried Impact Plastics’ lids a little over a year ago and have been purchasing them ever since. Compared to products I purchased prior to IP, not only is the product more durable, but in most cases is even less expensive. I have and will continue to recommend IP’s products to business associates and anyone else I meet with a need for a good affordable replacement lid that holds up even under extreme circumstances. Keep up the good work.

Asco Sanitation
Waste Connections

There are many trash can lids on the market, and I found that Impact Plastics has been the best value for the money. The up front cost is a little more than the average, but along with the warranty, you are money ahead by using a superior lid. The expense of replacing the lid lies mostly in labor and not the cost of the actual lid.

Robert Hoffman
Container Shop Manager
Advanced Disposal

“Why does Poynette Iron Works, Inc. use Impact Plastics lids? Our customers ask us why we use Impact Plastics lids, and we tell them if the lid fails then so does the box. You could have a great looking dumpster but if the lid is all cracked up or crushed in, and then the box will look all cracked up and crushed in. We have been using Impact lids for over 10 years. Their quality and service is far superior then any other lid company we have ever used. Impact Plastics is just like us here at Poynette Iron Works, Inc.; the customer is # 1. It is simple if you want to be the best, you need to use the best and that is Impact Plastics.”

Guy Senkowski V.P.
Poynette Iron Works, Inc.